Early on in playing Far Cry Primal, I made the decision to go for the bonfires, campfires, and outposts above and before everything else.  Why?  Because I love fast travel and I hate to spawn too far away from where I was going when I died.  Bonfires and Outposts provide fast travel locations and the campfires are well placed so that if you die on the way to a location, that’s…say, 800+ yards away, then you at least have the chance of spawning at a nearby campfire.  So, what does this all have to do with the owl and this article? Simple answer:  The owl makes every bonfire and outpost easy-peasy to take over.  Heck, there were locations that all I did was crouch Takkar behind a rock and let the owl go to town on the baddies.  Not fun, you say?  On the contrary, I had a blast.

Getting the Owl

First, though, you need to get the owl.  It’s not that difficult to do although I found it a bit of a challenge when having to follow that owl flying through Takkar’s vision/dream…

First, do the quest “Deep Wounds” and return to Sayla with those materials to help her.  Sayla will then charge you with heading out, roaming the land, and finding more Wenja to bring back to the village and start your population and power rise.  A this point, there should be an orange icon with a face for “Tensay the Shaman”.  Just click that and set a way point…then head out.  If you get distracted along the way (which happens often with Takkar in Oros!), don’t worry.  That’s half the fun of the game, in my opinion.

When you do finally get to the destination, go into the cave and make your way to Tensay the Shaman. He’ll give, and put you into, the Vision of Beast Quest.  Now, to me, flying that damn glowing, golden owl around was one of the toughest things to do in the game, but I was just starting out as well.  Just do your best to maneuver around the obstacles (crash and you’ll fail…) or if you lose the Owl in sight you’ll fail as well.

Complete it, though, and you have yourself a flying, death-from-above machine that can attack & kill different levels of enemies as you progress Tensay’s “Beast Master” skill tree.


Your owl starts off able to kill weak, red-coded enemies and with limited field of vision to mark enemies but you’ll get there.  You can skill up and reduce the cool down time of being able to call your owl and to be able to kill most orange baddies.

Using the Owl

Once the owl is up and flying then you will see the display for other controls and abilities that it can perform.  You can even command your current beast to to go a spot the Owl surveying by activating the “Send Beast” option.

  • Xbox One (D-Pad Up to call the Owl)
  • PS4 (D-Pad Up to call the Owl)
  •  PC  “Z” button to call the Owl

Oh, that sweet souning “hooo” that Takkar makes when he puts his cupped and joined hands to his mouth will make things feel alright even in the toughest of Oros situations.  Don’t be shy about using the owl early on in the game.  If you are then you may be apt to forget all about that beautiful, flying killer when you most need him or her…  I named my owl “Barnaby”.  Watch the death of a poor, bad guy in sequence below…

Marked for death with that little red icon.


Diving in….


The Kill.


The aftermath. The Dead.


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