Geek Game Store was a shot in the dark.  There are a lot of gaming sites and blogs out there already and many of them have full-time staffs that, well, play lots of video games.  We created GGS in order to represent a different niche in the gaming community.  This is a labor of love.  We just wanted to have some cool gaming and geek conversations with people like us (see below) and write about our love and true opinions of games, gear, and geekdom that we’re into.

Some of us are good at the games we play.  Some of us…not that much.  In other words, we may eventually a post a video of someone getting 2 mother ships in one COD BO III match….but it probably won’t be one of us who did it.

We represent the other side of the gamer’s universe.  We have a deep love and passion for each game we play and review.  We relish and wait expectantly every month for our Loot Crate to arrive.   We spend too much time in the toy sections of department stores for adults.  However, we aren’t going to have call signs and gamer tags like “deathninja” or “deathkill666boomyourdead”.  That’s not who we are and those aren’t the kind of people we want to connect with in our online gaming.

We want play with people who can run a 100 Dwarf Pally and a 75 Undead Warrior and not be an asshole with either one.  If you can’t get downright competitive with CS:GO or Dota2 and still be chill enough to play Marvel LEGOs with your girlfriend or boyfriend because they want to be part of your world on the console or PC…then you’re not our type.

BUT…if you hate Ramsay Bolton, we’re like you.  If you’ve ever played Kung Fu on NES, we know you. And if you’re a cool, mellow-yet serous gamer and/or geek-then we wanna’ hang out with you.

“The North Remembers.”