Battlefront is a great game to play. Especially for someone my age.  It has those awesome characters that I grew up on and that I now have the chance to play as.  Controlling Darth Vader and putting that choke  on people from a distance…damn, it gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

I loved playing Battlefront.  For a while anyway.

Then, it just got to be the same.  Over and over again.  Whenever I got bored of playing Twilight on Hoth, in that one tunnel with all the mayhem-I would go and play Fighter Squadron.  I equally loved shooting down x-wings and tie fighters as much as I liked killing Stormtroopers.   But then it wore off.

The same maps.  Over and over again.

So, I was really excited about the Outer Rim DLC throwing some life back into my Battlefront life.  I’m not sure that happened, though.  Let’s go through the main updates and how I feel about them.

Season Pass

First, I don’t buy season passes.  Never have.  Don’t think I ever will.  The perks that come with it aren’t worth it, to me.  Besides, I’d rather find out about expansions and DLCs prior to their release and decide then if I’m interested enough to buy it.  I can’t justify buying a season pass for a game that I might hate before my first month of playing has come to an end.  Nope.  I’ll just purchase as I go, tyvm.

What the Outer Rim DLC Brings to Battlefront-

3 new maps.  2 heroes. A new game mode. Some new cards. Oh, and a new weapon.

New Maps

jabbas throne room outer rim

These are the highlight of the expansion in my opinion.  Jabba’s Throne Room, the Sail Barge Gargage, Sullest Industrial area.  Just like the original Battlefront Maps, the work and detail put into each one is really, really terrific.  I especially like the throne room and the Sail Barge Garage. I did get to play Heroes vs Villains in Jabba’s Throne Room and Sullest.  They were both equally decent game play with Sullest turning into a close quarter blood bath and the Throne room, with all the corridors, taking a little more time.  No matter where you play, though, if your team doesn’t know how to work together and handle the heroes or villains then you’ll lose.

Extraction:  New Game Mode

The Rebels have to reach, activate and escort cargo to the extraction point while the Empire blasts the shit out of you and tries to stop you.  It’s very much like Safeguard in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.  So, yeah, extraction is cool but the only part of it that I hadn’t seen before was doing it with rebels or troopers.  And the occasional hero.

Greedo and Nien Nunb

Greedo and Nien Nunb Outer Rim DLC

This is pretty cool, too.  However, the best thing about Greedo is still his iconic line in Episode IV: “Going somewhere, Solo?”.  But, it’s pretty cool to play the big lizard with his with his confidence meter.  The more kills Greedo gets then the stronger he gets; grenades and shots are more accurate and effective.  So, he starts out pretty sucky but it gets better.  I got to play as Greedo once but I’m so bad at Battlefront that I never really got Greedo in a powerful state.


Then there’s the Rebel side, and Nien Nunb.  I didn’t get to play as Nien but he has a turret, orbital strike and rapid pulse canon.  Again, all awesome weapons and a really fun character to play.

Other Stuff

There’s some other new content and items that come with the Outer Rim DLC, but nothing mind blowing.

New Weapons:  the DT-12 is a blaster pistol and the Relby V-10 is a rifle.

New Star Cards:  A new grenade called Dioxis, Adrenaline Stim (this is interesting but requires practice to use at the best time), and Scatter Gun.  The Scatter Gun is particularly fun because help break enemy defense by throwing shards and the poisonous gas that comes from a Dioxis grenade that coughs up enemy groups pretty well.

Final Analysis of Battlefront Out Rim DLC.

The heroes are cool. The maps are awesome.  Everything else is…so, so.  I think that it was worth the expansion price I paid and I am not totally out on buying the next DLC. Overall, though, I’m glad that I didn’t buy the Season Pass.  I would be mad today if I did.  I would have been already heavily invested in the expansions and I just don’t think that I play enough or that Greedo, Nien Nunb, or Jabba’s Throne Room would have relieved my disappointment.  The Outer Rim Battlfront DLC  is Not bad.  Could have been more.

I’m hoping that DICE and EA are keeping the best still to come. Oh yeah, that’s right:  We’re getting Lando and Cloud City.  I’m excited again.


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  • Great Maps
  • Cool new Heroes


  • Not different enough
  • The hype


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