When it comes to our gaming PCs, we focus on so many different features, from our graphics cards all the way down to the fans that cool our cases, we are out to get the best possible performance out of our rigs. However, no matter how powerful your machine is, it won’t make you more comfortable while you are using it.

Yes, that’s right. For all the time we spend picking out the parts and peripherals, we forget perhaps the most important piece of gear of all – our chair.

Finding a pretty comfy chair is no great task, but finding a chair that you can easily sit in all weekend while hiding from the sun comfortably is quite a different story. It is for this reason that gamers who have experienced the joys of dedicated gaming chairs know that office chairs aren’t gaming chairs. Everything from the comfort and design to the sturdy material and accessories can attest to such.

Features to Look for in a Good PC Gaming Chair

When picking out a gaming chair, you want comfort. After all, that is why you are getting a specific gaming chair, for those long games. You need more support than your typical recliner and more comfort than your average office chair, but there are really three factors that it comes down to that can assure a quality chair.


Anyone who sits for a long period of time knows how important ergonomics is. While they can take some time to adjust to, an ergonomically sound chair goes a long way towards providing optimum comfort. As such, one of the true heralds of a good PC gaming chair is that it allows you to make a number of adjustments. The more adjustments you can tweak, the more comfortable you will be. Like in almost all office chairs, gaming chairs come with some lumbar support as well as height control, but there is so much more you can adjust for optimum comfort. When picking out a gaming chair, some good adjustable features to look out for include:

  • Tension Control – This controls how much pressure is needed to lean back. This is great if you want something in between the normal “barely leans back” and “almost flips over the second you relax your back”. This can go a step further with the addition of a backrest lock that locks it in place once you find a recline that you enjoy.
  • Armrest Height Control – You might be used to a specific fixed armrest height, but lower or higher might be even more comfortable. If you want to go even further, the best chairs allow not just armrest height adjustments, but width and position as well. However, if you barely use your armrests width your fingers on the mouse and keyboard, this might be negligible.
  • Headrest Adjustment – If you are going to have a headrest, it better be adjustable and not just a hindrance. True high-end chairs will have a headrest that not only supports the head, but forms to the neck while having the ability to adjust height and position.
  • Seat Depth Slider – This allows you to move the seat closer to or further away from the backrest, adjusting the depth of the chair. If you want a gaming chair that doesn’t cut off the circulation in your legs, this is an important adjustment to have.


Gaming chairs typically come in two types of material, and they are both good in terms of long-lasting sturdiness. However, what you need to really consider is what your ideal temperature is while sitting. Do you get really hot after hours of gaming or really cold?

If after hours of sitting and playing games you find yourself starting to break out in a serious butt sweat, then you need a gaming chair that is made out of mesh. Mesh is light, highly breathable, and will keep your butt and back nice and cool while you are sitting down.

If you start to go practically hypothermic after gaming for a period of time, you will want to choose a leather gaming chair. Not only is leather nice and strong, but it also gathers and retains heat so you will stay nice and warm. Leather also has the benefit of being easy to clean.

Style and Enhancements

We like to pretend that looks aren’t important, but let’s face it, if you are going to put a decent bit down on a chair, it better look pretty cool. Gaming chairs come in a number of different styles and every color and combination of colors under the sun. You might want something sleek and stylish, but there is also something to be said about a chair that looks like it is built like a truck.

You will also need to decide if you want any sort of enhancements in the chair like speakers, subwoofers, input/output jacks, foot rests, or anything like that. however, extra features come with extra prices.

Console VS PC Gaming Chairs

When it comes to different chair styles, gaming chairs come in four types:

  • Standard
  • Racer
  • Rocker
  • Bean Bag

However, because they sit so low to the ground, bean bag and rocker-style chairs typically don’t make good PC gaming chairs. While you can easily use any PC gaming chair for console gaming, not all console gaming chairs make good PC gaming chairs. It is important to keep that in mind when choosing a chair. You need to be able to match the height of your desk, so if you have an adjustable or naturally low-sitting desk, you may be able to make a rocker or bean bag work for you. This is particularly nice because they also tend to be the more affordable options, but you should need to change your desk jsut for a new chair.

Best Cheap PC Gaming Chairs Under $150

You want a gaming chair, but you don’t want to break the bank on it. While you can easily find a fine office chair for under $100, for a quality one, you would spend at least $150 so that is what you should budget to spend for a PC gaming chair. While there are many good models for that price, don’t expect a lot of amazing features.

Merax Devil’s Eye

In terms of style for the price, it doesn’t get any better than the Devil’s Eye. The combination of colored mesh with pu leather creates a striking visual appeal while providing both comfort and breathability.  However, its looks aren’t just for show. Every aspect from the material to the stitching all the way down to the design was created for stability, durability, and comfort. However, while you can adjust the height and the tilt, the one downside is that it doesn’t come with much else in the way of adjustable settings.


Giantex Executive High-Back

While white isn’t really a rarity in the gaming chair world, you don’t often find a chair that is all white. This mesh and pu lather combination isn’t just for looking nice though. Its ergonomic design is perfect for cradling your body, but it does lack in the padding that many gamers want in a chair, but that only serves to keep the chair nice and cool throughout long gaming sessions. However, you do only get height adjustments and tilt lock as adjustments for it.


Yaheetech Adjustable High-Back

The Yaheetech is one of the most affordable racing-style gaming chairs out there while still providing some quality. While it lacks many adjustable features, one of the nicest perks is the steel base that supports up to 550 pounds, well above the typical 250-pound recommendation that many gaming chairs sport. While the faux leather adds a fair bit of comfort, it does feature nice mesh material sections to dissipate heat in the butt and the back for optimum temperature comfort.


Homall Ergonomic Racing Chair

When it comes to affordable gaming chairs, the Homall is likely to offer the best bang for your buck. The pu leather of the chair makes it an excellent choice providing you don’t get too hot while gaming for a leather chair, but allows a comfortable sit without the need for a bunch of bulky padding. The sleek pu leather and coloring make this chair a nice show piece in the room. However, alongside tilt and height adjustments, you can also adjust the height of the armrests, which is typically a feature reserved for more expensive chairs. The best part is the armrests can be put all the way back if they are impeding the ability to fully scoot your chair in.


Flash Furniture Mesh

If leather – be it pu, faux, or the real thing – isn’t your favorite chair material, you won’t find many racing-style chairs that are complete mesh. However, if you go for standard-style gaming chairs, you can actually get a good deal for a high quality chair. Such is the case with the Flash Furniture Mesh gaming chair. Although affordable and made completely of breathable mesh and nylon, this chair lacks both a head rest and the attractive style of other chairs, but it does offer a comfortable sit.With excellent lumbar support and folding armrests, this is a chair that can take care of all your needs without breaking the bank.


Best Mid-Range PC Gaming Chairs Under $500

When it comes to gaming chairs, if you are willing to put a little more money down for one of the mid-range options, you can get a chair of awesome quality for usually around $200. If you are willing to splurge on a gaming chair, typically this is the price range to choose for both quality and performance.

X Rocker Pro Series II

If you want a rocker-style chair, but don’t have a desk that can support the low height, that doesn’t mean you are without options. You merely need to find a rocker-style with a pedestal. You get the same fit, but with the added benefit of being high enough to reach your keyboard and mouse.

However, what makes this chair amazing isn’t just the style of it; it is all the features it has. This is a chair for gamers that don’t like the fact that a lot of chairs skimp on the padding. It is big and plush, like a recliner you just want to sink into and stay in. You also get two speakers and a subwoofer built into the chair that not only immerse you in sound, but let you feel the power of your games through full built-in Bluetooth wireless.


Arozzi Enzo

In terms of design, there isn’t much difference in looks between the Arozzi and cheaper models of gaming chairs, but the devil is in the details here. The Arozzi Enzo uses real leather for optimum comfort and more padding than your typical racing-style models. However, what has made this gaming chair so reliable is its gas spring powered suspension that is consistently more reliable than the typical pneumatic suspension. With its stability, you also get a variety of ergonomic adjustments that you can make, like tilt control, seat depth, and the coveted height adjustable armrests.


E-Blue Cobra

The cobra on the headrest isn’t the only thing than sets this E-Blue model apart. This chair brings with it a ton of cool features that are never done justice in the pictures. Underneath the pu leather, the E-Blue Cobra uses a high resistance foam that is denser under pressure than almost any other gaming chair. This means you get cushioning that lasts and isn’t completely smashed down after a few months of heavy sitting. The extra high resilience cushioning is especially nice in the headrest area. It isn’t just a hard pad like some other models, but actually cushions your head when you lean back.

However, what it has in extra sturdy padding, it lacks in adjustability. The armrests are fixed, as it the seat depth, and the tilt adjustment is limited.



DXRacer is a pretty trusted brand in the gaming chair market, and really you can’t go wrong with any particular type of DXRacer chair. However, with all the different models out there, there isn’t much difference between them other than slight variations in design. This particular model comes with an extra high backrest for those with a long torso, but even those that don’t need the extended backrest can enjoy the added airflow from the added air space in the back.

However, what has always set this brand apart from the pack is the wide range of adjustability it has. Armrests are adjustable in both height and position, the tilt has a number of different adjustments as well as lock, but it doesn’t have any seat depth adjustments.  This particular model does use an aluminum base that, while it keeps the overall chair weight down, might be a problem if you exceed the maximum 250 pound weight recommendation.


Clutch Chairz Throttle Series Alpha

Like the DXRacer, Clutch Chairz is a popular brand of gaming chair, and for good reason. The Throttle is the chair of choice for those that like both seat depth adjustment and recline. With bolstered sides, oversized lumbar support, and armrests that adjust in full 4D, the Throttle is worth every penny for the comfort it provides. However, even with it has a lightweight aluminum base, the internal steel frame of this chair allows for a 330 pound limit.


Best High-End PC Gaming Chairs

So you got the money to throw around and you want something truly out of this world. Think you can’t possibly spend more the $500 on a gaming chair? No more than $1,000? Well, you would be surprised. If you have money to burn, the features on high-end gaming chairs get pretty insane.

X99 Haworth Task

The X99 Haworth is specifically designed for people that need to sit all day. As such, it is designed for comfort and temperature control, two things that a gamer needs. It is ergonomically designed to provide back support without padding, but its real benefit comes from the waterfall seating.  The seat is specially designed to take the pressure off your thighs and knees so that your blood can flow unrestricted. This allows for optimum comfort and focus. However, it lacks many adjustable features and can only recline at a maximum of 24 degrees. Yet, if you want a sturdy chair that will keep your legs from aching as you sit for long periods of time, the X99 is a luxurious choice.


Steelcase Gesture

If your idea of comfort is to be able to adjust your chair to your exact specification, then the Gesture by Steelcase is the definition of comfort. This chair can adjust everything from the width, position, and height of the armrests, how deep the tilt can go, and even the indention of the lumbar support. The chair itself was inspired by the movement of the human body and created to keep it comfortable while sitting for long periods of time. Not only that, but it has a sleek and modern design that makes it as pleasing to the eye as it is to the body.


HumanScale Freedom

With all the different things you can tweak inside your rig, sometimes you just want a chair you can sit in and be comfortable with without adjusting every little thing. The HumanScale Freedom is for people who hate manual adjustments because it makes all the adjustments automatically. Once the chair is fitted to your body, it adjusts itself automatically every time you sit down.

If you like to recline just slightly, it reclines just slightly. If you want your seat close to the knee instead of far away, it stays that way. The mesh seat and backrest are not only nicely padded, but breathable as well. However, the best part is easily the headrest that comfortably cradles both head and neck as you relax.


Herman Miller Embody

Herman Miller is the absolute top of the line when it comes to chairs. The Embody model is specifically designed to provide ergonomic support that improves focus and health for those that sit for a long periods of time. The thin backrest is constructed from a dynamic matrix of pixels that respond to natural movement and can be adjusted to align with the natural curve of the spine. The unique shape of the backrest is actually to allow better venting of heat so that the chair never gets too hot. As for the seat itself, the waterfall design is there to prevent too much leg pressure that cuts off the flow of blood. This is one fully adjustable chair so that you can get the most completely comfortable sit to keep you gaming strong for hours.


EuroTech ErgoHuman High-Back

The EuroTech ErgoHuman is another office chair design for people that need to sit for long periods of time, and a chair that you can tell just by looking at it how comfortable it is. The mesh back and sectioned chair design allow for optimum cooling but is also soft and flexible enough to be both supportive and comforting. As the chair is designed in sections, you can adjust everything from the lumbar support and armrests to the shoulder and upper backrest. While the headrest is easily the most comfortable feature of this chair with the way it cradles the neck and base of the head, for as expensive as this chair is, it could have a little more padding in the seat.


Choosing a Chair Best Suited For You?

It is a vast chair world out there, as you can tell. Sometimes you can find a good gaming chair for a couple dollars or a couple hundred, but no matter the price, it is all about choosing a chair that is right for your heroic gaming sessions. Some people prefer a chair that is all padding and no ergonomic support, others prefer a chair that keeps their back healthy and their brain laser focused. When shopping for PC gaming chairs, you need to know exactly what you want out of it or risk spending a lot of money for a chair you don’t really like.


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