It was coming and we all knew it was.  Diablo 3’s newest patch, 2.5, has hit the PTR and it has some peeps’ loving it and others that are up in arms over some of the stuff.   Having just gotten into the PRT this year, I’m really still just thrilled by the fact that I’m able to try stuff before many others.  (I lauded the addition of the “Stay as Team” option on the Overwatch PTR because it was long over due.)  So, we’re not here to spank the heck out of Blizzard just yet.  The people who are complaining, though, have a pretty legit reason.  We’ll come back to that in a bit…

One of the biggest changes in 2.5 is that storage changes and Armory and Crafting material storage. You can now save up to 5 character builds at the Armory and the new Crafting Mat options makes it so the mats are auto separates them into a different storage tab.

So, now when you visit the Armory in the town hubs within the Diablo 3 Act and Location Map, you can access your character’s builds.  When you now save a build the Armory captures a file (snapshot) of equipment, gems in play, active/passive skills, and the powers you’re using from Kanai’s Cube.  Likewise, when you switch out between each build at the Armory then your items and gear will be auto swapped directly from your storage.  #BOOM!  #HUGE!

And then there is the change that some people are going on about:  The Primal Ancient Legendary items are a whole new level of power and rarity.  The stat and roll possibilities on this new gear has the ability to set at much higher stat ranges.  So, that all sounds good, right?  Why would anyone complain?

Well, here’s the problem…

Gamers are a smart breed.  Especially those of us who have been playing Diablo for years.  And we (probably) particularly hold Blizzard to a high standard.  This new Primal Ancient Legendary Gear comes off as a gimmick.  It almost shows the gamer community that there really isn’t more more coming from Diablo 3 and Blizzard.  It’s like adding new content to Donkey Kong when it really only is a single, harder level to reach the gorilla.  Sure, it’s faster and smarter…but it’s the same crap when you get down to it.

Next up, is the full “expansion” and the excitement of the Necromancer!

In case you’re curious, then here are Blizzards official 2.5 patch notes.


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