I’m stoked.  And you should be, too.  This Summer and Fall will be an awakening of Blizzard | Activision who, in my opinion, will rightly dominate the gaming market. I’m gonna’ call it right now: Overwatch will be a huge success and WoW Legion will be coming out just about 100 days later to satiate Azeroth, starving for new content.  That means my favorite game developers will be dominating a huuuge slice of this calendar year market.

Okay, I’ll admit it:  By the time Christmas rolls around gamers will be itching for a little more, but I’m sure Blizzard already has some kind of surprise and treat up their sleeves for the Holiday Season.  And I’m equally sure that it will spice up both games with some new content around that time and will also keep the revenue and the interest hyped in the New Year.

I’ve already got me pre-order in for the Overwatch Collectors Edition and the Legion Digital Deluxe Edition. Why?  Simple.  I want the pets for WoW, I want the 12.8″ statue of Overwatch’s Soldier: 76 statue, and all the other things that come with pre-ordering or upgrading both games:  The Soundtracks, Sourcebooks, level 100 boost, WoW mount, and Heroes of the Storm mount.  Dammit, if I could pay more to get more then I would.  That’s just me, though.

Oh, the Problems We Face…

My biggest concern, initially, was whether I wanted to get Overwatch on PC or Xbox One.  On one hand I like having my Blizzard Games all accessible in one place from the Battle.net app.  On the other hand, I really, really, really wanted to play Overwatch on the console.  I have still never played Diablo on any console…I’ve been straight PC with Blizz since the get-go.

Can you tell that I’m excited yet?

Thus far, in all of the gaming sites and forums that I follow, Overwatch has all the attention and buzz that it rightly deserves and is making awesome first impressions on everyone.  WoW Legion, on the other hand, is a different animal.  Faithful WoW-ers are excited about it but it’s only a matter of time before the cry for new content or “worst expansion yet” bullshit starts to flood Battle.net forums and the global chat.  We are spoiled, fickled bunch.

Seriously, though, what’s there not to get excited about.  This isn’t going to be a preview of either game (Amerowolf already handled the Legion preview and I’m hoping to get her to do an Overwatch review very soon after the release) but I did want to highlight what you should be getting excited about besides the whole “new game, new content” hysteria and (unlike me) other than the trinkets, pets, mounts, and statues. (But I’m still gonna’ stand by how awesome all that is going to be!)

Overwatch 3 Main Reasons to be Pumped

  • It’s an FPS (first person shooter) from Blizzard.  I don’t know why anything else has to be said.
  • It’s Blizzard. Seriously.  They don’t put out duds.  My least favorite game is Heroes of the Storm and I still get sucked into it for like 3 hours weekly.  Hell, I play Hearthstone in any waiting room I find myself in or any mall while my gf shops.
  • They did it right by following Call of Duty’s “team game” philosophy where a match be finished in 10 minutes or less.

WoW Legion 3 Main Reasons to be Pumped

  • New content in the Old Land means even less of a reason to ever go back to your annoying, lonely garrison ever, ever again.
  • The chance to work with Illidan rather than against.  Are you kidding me?  As Doc Holiday once said, “I’m your huckleberry.”
  • Okay here’s a bunch of reasons lumped into one: Artifact weapons, a return to class pride, and a new class/race to play.

That’s about it.  I’d like to know if you agree or not and I’m really interested to know how may Battle.net gamers are actually going to opt for Overwatch on console…  Or are you going to do both…


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