I got my March Loot Crate for 2016 in the mail weeks ago.  Yeah, this is a late review of the crate but, hey, it’s my very first installment in the popular Geek Subscription Box and this site is new.  Gimme’ a break.

I had been wanting to get a Loot Crate subscription for a while but just never pulled the string and released the arrow on the purchase. I think it was because I was excited about getting Geek Goodies in the mail every month but I was dreading disappointment.  And, like the title of this article suggests, it was my first ever subscription to a subscription box thingy.

The more research I did on past crates, though, the more my caution subsided and I pulled that string finally.  I’m glad I did and I’m sure that I’ll keep on keeping on with my Loot Crate subscription from here on out.

March 2016 Loot Crate

Here’s a better photo of the entire Loot Crate for March then I could ever take.  Courtesy of: The Subscription Box Family

March 2016 Loot Crate Theme was “Versus”

So, for my first time…it was great.  You never forget your first time, after all.  Of course, like most instances of innocence being dashed to the wind, I went too fast and too hard. It was a great time while it was happening and the feeling of seeing that first box in the mail with its hard corners and text will always remain.

The versus crate had some really good stuff, some pretty good stuff…and then there was that one item that could’ve been awesome but ended being kind of a fail.  Here we:

Really Good Stuff:

loot-crate-march-2016-12-501x750I love the Harley Quinn comic book.  Admittedly, I’m really new to the character and the Suicide Squad, but hey, I’m a guy and Harley is my favorite.  If you’re into either DC, Batman, SS, or Comics this was a great addition to the Loot Crate. The comic is a one off that is really enjoyable to bang through. I won’t ruin the story here…


20160402_202342The Alien vs. Predator (AVP) vinyl figurine from Titan was rocking.  You were either lucky enough to get the glow in the dark Alien or a bad-ass looking Predator with a detachable staff and can be held in either hand.  I pulled the Predator and couldn’t be happier.  Of course, the Alien looked pretty cool too from the other sites I’ve seen who got the crate.  This is one of the awesome things that I’m looking forward to about the LC…there’s a theme, yes, but you never really know what surprises are in store. (Note:  Yes, I take my toys out of the box so that I can play with them




Last in the “really good stuff” section is the BEST addition of the March Loot Crate. A fully reversible Daredevil vs Punisher beanie hat. The hat fits well and looks great and is high-qual stuff.  One side, obviously has Daredevil and the other, the Punisher.


The Good Stuff

I’m gonna’ have to put most of the rest of the box in this section:  The AVP Pin (there were two different takes on the pin), the LC magazine which was a treat, a Batman vs. Superman Mighty Wallet, and a free (mostly promo ad) for LC’s party game “Word Gush” that is available for mobile devices.  Overall, the “Good stuff” was pretty damned good.

The Could’ve Been Awesome and Failed Category.

This disappointed me a bit.  I was looking forward to a geek t-shirt. My girlfriend knows I love them and I figured Loot Crate would get me an awesome that I could wear proudly.  Not so much, though….

Don’t get me wrong the “Mirror Mirror” Spock t-shirt design and art was freaking amazing and there’s a portion of the LC Magazine that goes into and interviews the dude who painted posters for EVERY Star Trek episode.  The t-shirt was soft and comfortable but….

WTF was up with that color, LC?  What is it called?  Beige?  Peach?   Seriously.  It looks like this t-shirt could’ve been made of recycled orange tabby cat fur.  I put it on and my girlfriend actually laughed.  Not at the Spock or fit…but at the color.  Sorry, dudes…epic fail.

Overall First Impression of Loot Crate

I’m in, bro! For $20 a month, the excitement of getting something in the mail that I’m not afraid to open is worth it itself.  I don’t care that I live in Hawaii and will never probably wear the beanie unless I’m night fishing on a really cold night.  And, tbh, the ugly ass t-shirt is still awesome and hanging proudly in my closet.  I learned more about Harley Quinn.  Got more excited about Batman vs. Superman and I have my Predator vinyl displayed.  Keep it coming Loot Crate!


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