I’m always a little hesitant when it comes to downloading free to play games.  I just hate to be disappointed. I’ve read my fair share of “best free games on Steam” articles and I gotta’ tell ya…not too impressed.  Sure, they’re free and I shouldn’t be complaining about free.  And I definitely shouldn’t expect epic for free.

I’ve played Path of Exile and Smite from Steam.  Both decent games.  Neither of which blew my socks off.  PoE is, well, Diablo and Smite is, well, another MOBA.  Sorry, that’s just the way I see it.  In order for me to be taken by a free game is has to be better than good. It has to be free because the developers really want my opinion and to see how it all plays out in the free beta.

My son swears by Rust.  I didn’t care for it.  But, Ark: Survival…now that one I could sink my teeth into.  So far, though, the free to play has cost me more money over all because I walk away from a gaming session with one of these games and end up buying something that can hold my attention or not frustrate me into cold sweats.

The exception to all of this, however, has been Orcs Must Die: Unchained by Robot Entertainment It’s pretty much of the hook.

My Orc Killing Story


I downloaded Orcs Must Die: Unchained late on a Sunday night.  I was tired but by the time I had it installed and ran through the basic, initial tutorial, I found myself quietly and pleasantly surprised.  Then I came home on a Monday and planned on burying my horrible, first work day of the week in COD Black OPS III and do a lot of dying while I tried to learn a shotgun.

Before the end of the night, though, I found myself firing up Orcs with Smolder (she’s the fire wielding, lady bad ass on OMD:U…  I ran through some simple Battlegrounds with Smolder while I further learned the basics of laying traps and my abilities.  It took me a while to actually figure out how to barricade, push and do damage to the orcs as they passed through the hallways but I eventually got to be a little bit better at it.

A Little Gameplay on Orcs Must Die: Unchained

The first phase of any of the games that you play is choosing you hero and abilities and then laying the traps in the hallways that those little green bastard orcs (and worse) will be traipsing through in order to wreak their havoc.  Place your traps correctly and you can knock off more than a few of the little baddies prior to even getting near you.

orcs must die unchained

The traps include things like barricades, push traps (pushes the enemy in a certain direction…preferably at a trap), spike walls, arrow walls, etc…

And then, as the orcs come through the hallways you get to beat the green (and worse) off of them through a certain amount of phases.  As the match goes on you’ll get more abilities to choose from and your character and you will level.


Mind you, I was just playing by my lonesome against the computer.  There is actually a match in which you and friends can battle against another team as your orcs race towards their base and try to take them and theirs out.  If you’ve played Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends, or Dota then you know this is sounding very, very familiar and you’re saying “another MOBA?  Shut up dude, you’re old and stupid.  Where you been for the last decade, bro?”.  Calm down, hero, this isn’t CS:GO or COD trash talking ready.  Because Orcs Must Die: Unchained is not like any MOBA I’ve played so far and, well, a little bit better.  (Oh no he didn’t!)


It’s going to take more than basic strategery for some you young kids to master OMD:U and you’ll probably rage quit a few times because the game will “lousy, dude, compared to DOTA, yo”.  But it’s not…and you’ll soon figure that out once you play it a lot more.  Which you will.

Final Analysis:

It’s a lane pusher, yes, but it’s a damn good one.  It kept me entertained and having fun throughout the entire tutorial and the matches.  It’s free to play and may be monetized within by buying more heroes and skins.  You can get most of what you need and ALL of the critical stuff for free and still be “mad crazy good at that new lane pusher, yo”. 



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Orcs Must Die: Unchained









  • Best Example of Lane Pusher
  • Mix of MOBA
  • Mostly Free


  • Steep learning curve


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