One of the biggest issues that was facing Overwatch is…No one wants to be a healer! As many times as you yell at your teammates on your mic, or keep clicking the “I need healing” emote, no one wants to be a healer. The main reason, in my opinion, is because people want kills. But who doesn’t? However, there was never a hero that could support the team and really add to their kill count at the same time… Unless you’re really good. So Overwatch finally heard the requests for a healer who can do damage and heal consistently.

Now we have Ana.

Who is Ana, though?

Ana is a battle scarred soldier who stepped away from the fight a long time ago during the times of the original Overwatch team.  She soon realized, though, that she could do good and be a big part of the current Overwatch gang.

You may also notice that some of her skins and even her character in general resemble that of another popular hero. She is the mother of Pharah, The high-flying, rocket shooting, attacker that a lot of people have come to love in the game. But although her appearance resembles her soaring offspring, they are definitely two different people with two different sets of useful.. and unuseful skills. So, through this article I plan to tell you some of those strengths & weaknesses, and maybe help you figure out if Ana is going to be one of your new favorite heroes!

Ana is a support sniper. Her play style resembles Widowmaker a tad bit and she brings her own unique type of healing style.


Primary Weapon: Biotic Rifle

Her primary weapon, in my opinion, is her most useful ability. It cannot only inflict a medium amount of damage through many fast shots, but you can also shoot your own teammates! Don’t worry it does not inflict damage on your teammates, even if you do want to shoot that Mei in the head after she keeps putting ice walls up in your spawn point. When you do shoot a teammate with the Biotic Rifle, it gives them a small dose of healing, and after a few shots to the same person they will have full health in no time! But just to be clear, her Biotic Rifle is not as strong as Widowmaker’s sniper rifle. Not by a long shot. But you also gotta remember that she is still a support character and I believe Blizzard really did a good job balancing DPS and healing ability with this gun.


Ability #1: Sleep Dart

Now, even if you haven’t played as Ana but do know about her, you know that Blizzard did a really good job hyping her Sleep Dart ability. However a lot of people aren’t finding it as useful as they made it look in her announce trailer. the main reason everyone was excited about this is because you are able to put people to sleep at any time. Even when an enemy character uses an ultimate! If you can hit someone quickly enough and accurate enough with it believe me, its very useful! But if you have played the game, you know that the enemy team is always going to be the most sneaky and quick as they can be to make it an effective ultimate. The main issue facing this is its such a rapid motion when you actually click the button to shoot it that its very easy to miss and could be Deadeyed by a Mccree right away! One thing when using this that I found very useful is shooting it at any tank hero. As you know, tanks are very strong and some of them can put you down for the count in seconds. So putting them to sleep for a few seconds can give your team enough time to capture that point or push the payload a little bit further before hearing Diva’s terrifying “Nerf This” or being Earth Shattered by Reinhardt. This ability is something you really need to practice with and master before making it the most effective as you can.

Ability #2: Biotic Bomb

Now when you think of a grenade you probably think of just blowing someone up and getting a kill, right? Well just like Ana’s rifle, her Biotic Bomb also does healing. If thrown at an enemy, or group of enemies, it will deal damage to them and when thrown at an ally or a group of allies it will heal them as well. However, if an enemy gets hit by the grenade at the same time as an ally it will heal the both of them…so pick your targets carefully. Oh, I haven’t even mentioned the best part: You can heal yourself with it as well! If thrown right in front of Ana it will give her a decent healing boost that could be the difference between life and death. Her Biotic Bomb is definitely one of her more useful abilities in my opinion. Being able to throw a grenade and finish off one or more enemy players really can help!

Ultimate: Nano Boost


Ana’s ultimate is the most generous one in the game. What do I mean by that? I mean that instead of it being one that she can use to get kills or inflict a ton of damage or healing with, Ana instead shoots an ally with it which allows that person go out and get some major kills. You do get assists, however, when the character you use it on gets a kill. The Nano Boost is a combat boost, which means that when an ally is shot with it it improves three things, movement speed, DPS, and less damage taken by enemies. It is very useful when used on all characters, some better than others, but it is very hard not to get at least one kill when activated on a character. My personal favorite to be powered up with Nano Boost is definitely D.Va, as it is for many others. When used with D.Va, especially with her most recent patch improving a lot of stuff that she definitely needed, that little girl in a robot suit becomes even more of a force to be reckoned with. The “mech” is powerful already inflicting tons of damage alone, but with the Nano Boost instead of 2 kills with her you can take out the whole team if used right. I have never liked most ultimates done by support heroes, but this definitely becomes one of my favorite and most useful useful of the ultimate abilities.

All around Ana has very much increased my hours played as a support hero, mainly because i can switch from an attacker to a healer if needed and not worry about getting less than 5 kills in a game. Ana is also an Overwatch hero that can be useful in both casual and competetive play which is key.

Overall, Ana is a fun character to play as and very useful as well.

Devon M

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Devon M


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