Every good fanboy and fangirl needs to represent their fandom of choice, there is no question about that. However, geek swag is expensive. That’s where subscription boxes come in. Each month, these boxes come right to your door stuffed with t-shirts, figurines, stickers, and other items to help fill that geeky hole in your heart without burning a new one in your wallet. The question becomes not so much whether you need all these goodies (we all know you do), but rather which subscription box will send the goodies that you really want while still giving the biggest bang for your buck.

Whether your niche is comic books, horror movies, video games, or an eclectic mix of the lot, here are our top 10 choices for best geek swag subscription boxes.

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Marvel Collector Corps
Price: $25 every two months +$7 Shipping

Although relatively new to the subscription box game, Marvel Collector Corps has become a comic fan favorite to fill the void left by the now-defunct HeroCrate. Partnered with Funko, Marvel Collector Corps brings your favorite Marvel superheroes to your door every two months filled with t-shirts, comics, and a variety of Funko Pop figurines. Each month sticks with a Marvel comic theme like Deadpool in February 2016 or Ant-Man in June 2015.

Comic Bento
Price: $20 per month + $5 Shipping

Can’t make it around to the comic shop for new comic book day? Or worse yet, don’t have a comic shop in your tiny rural town? Comic Bento assures that you never have to live without the adventures found within comic books and graphic novels by delivering a perfectly curated collection to your front steps. Each month, you will get an assortment of 4 to 6 comics and graphic novels, all keeping with a theme. For example, November 2015 was “Button Mash” so subscribers got a box stuffed with old school gaming comics like Penny Arcade: Attack of the Bacon Robots, Sonic / Mega Man: Worlds Collide, and Tomb Raider: Season of the Witch.

Price: $12.95 per month + $6 Shipping

Like so many other geek boxes, the 1Up box stuffs 5 to 7 items that have geek chic appeal including one exclusive t-shirt that can be found nowhere else. Each box comes with a different overall theme, which in the past have included Nintendo, Cartoon Network, and Star Wars. This makes the 1Up box one that covers a wide array of different fandoms with a delightfully low-price subscription fee.

Anime Bento
Price: $35 per month + Shipping

If anime is your realm of choice, the Anime Bento box gives you the best bang for your buck. Subscribers will get the best senpai-approved accessories, collectables, posters, and occasionally snacks directly from Japan to satisfy their deepest otaku needs. Don’t know Japanese, no worries. The Anime Bento Box rarely sends items that you need to read.

Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty
Price: $25 every two months + $7 Shipping

Similar to the aforementioned Marvel box above, the Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty box was created in partnership with Funko Pop to feed you all your desired collectable dreams from a galaxy far, far away.  Every two months, you are treated to a variety of different Star Wars stuff including Funko Pop figures, t-shirts, posters, and other collectibles. No themes, no guessing games, just Star Wars all the time.

Game Box Monthly
Price: $25 per month +$5.50 Shipping

If board or tabletop gaming is your geeky universe of choice, then you may have felt a little left out in the subscription box world, but no longer! Game Box Monthly sends you a box containing one new board game every month. Worried about them doubling you up with Settlers of Katan or The Golden City? Worry not, wanderer. In a fit of excellent customer service, upon sign up, they ask you what board games you already own so they can be sure to send you a game or expansion that you don’t already have.

Indie Box
Price: $25 per month + $4 Shipping

Are you the type that still has every single video game manual, box, and cartridge in mint condition? As the world of indie gaming becomes more popular, the world of being able to collect physical game copies dwindles. The Indie Box can help satisfy that compulsive need to collect and protect. As well as sending you one indie game each month that is usually only available in digital format, the folks at Indie Box also design retro-style game boxes, color manuals, and original soundtracks that they ship along with the game. Boxes have also been known to include additional items like pins, posters, game controllers, and key chains.

Geek Fuel
Price: $18 per month + $6 Shipping

Geek Fuel is a subscription box that aims to fuel you both metaphorically and literally. Covering a wide range of fandoms from Doctor Who and Star Wars to Game of Thrones and Japanese anime, you will never know quite what you are going to get in a Geek Fuel box. However, most boxes come with an exclusive t-shirt, and other geek goodies including snacks and drinks. Anything that includes food could never be bad, right?

Nerd Block
Price: $20 per month +$10 Shipping

Often described as “Comic Con in a Box,” the Nerd Block is one of the most popular geek subscription boxes on the market. Not only can subscribers get the mysterious and random Nerd Block Classic, but they can also choose to subscribe to the more niche fandom blocks of Arcade Block (for retro fans), Horror Block, and Comic Block. There are also options for up-and-coming nerds in the Nerd Block Jr. for Boy and Girls subscription. With t-shirts, Funko Pop figures, and a whole variety of collectibles, geeks will never be bored.

*Our Choice* Loot Crate
Price: $13 + $6 Shipping

Finally, LootCrate is not only the most popular geek subscription box, but our choice for the best buy. You know what they say, things are popular for a reason, and that reason is because they are good. Not only does LootCrate provide one of the cheapest subscriptions, but features the best curated items for the theme of any given month. Instead of themes focusing on a specific fandom, LootCrate keeps things tantalizingly mysterious with vague and ambiguous words like “Combat” or “Invasion”. Their recent March 2016 box was themed “Versus” and came with an awesome reversible Daredevil Beanie, a Spock versus Spock t-shirt based on the episode Mirror, Mirror, a Funko Alien Versus Predator figure, and several other things.

Like with Nerd Block, LootCrate also has a variety of other boxes to subscribe to as well including LootCrate Pets, LootCrate Anime, LootCrate Gaming, and LVL Up Crates for the kids. There are also options for specialty crates for specific fandoms like Star Wars, Call of Duty, and Firefly.

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